Image: Collection
© Radek Pilař – Studie k filmu Pin-up. Začátek 60. let.


The Národní filmový archiv’s collection includes a number of works on the borders of visual art, video art, experimental film, and cinematography. This includes pieces by Jan Ságl, Petr Skala, Miloš Šejn, Lumír Hladík, and Radek Pilař, or, more recently, Adéla Babanová, Alžběta Bačíková, and Tomáš Svoboda. We also recently assumed responsibility for the video collection at the Academic Research Centre at AVU, which we are gradually making available.

In the future, these works will be placed in the new Video Archive digital archive. This has been prepared with regards to the fluid nature of the works, which operate outside the confines of standard cinematographic distribution and often exist in several variants, historical versions, and installation forms. They were also created on various formats, many of them obsolete, which are difficult to reproduce today.

The aim of the Video Archive is to create adequate conditions to store them with a perspective of long-term sustainability in the form of a digital archive. The works are presented to the expert community as a whole and in various contexts, providing the possibility of research viewings as well as better availability for festival screenings.

The Video Archive is based on non-exclusive licences to the individual works with various levels of access. The catalogue of the collection is available in a public database, the complete video content is available to researchers in both a physical and online study room. Selected works can be made accessible – primarily for festival screenings – through the NFA’s sales department.