Lumír Hladík: Retrospective and exhibition this fall

Image: Lumír Hladík: Retrospective and exhibition this fall

This autumn, the Národní filmový archiv will participate in several presentations of the work of Lumír Hladík. In cooperation with 35m2 Gallery, where an exhibition of Hladík’s contemporary work will take place in December this year, an exceptional retrospective of recently digitized and never before screened films from 1976–1981 will be presented at the Jihlava Documentary Film Festival.

Living in Canada since 1981, Lumír Hladík creates works merging conceptual art with action, drawing and video. However, the beginnings of his work date back to the 1970s, when action art was first being defined on the fringes of the Czech art scene. Though a member of a group of body artists including e.g. Petr Štembera, Jan Mlčoch and Karel Miler, the civil nature of Hladík’s actions was nevertheless closer to that of his friend Jiří Kovanda. In addition to the more common medium of photography and textual descriptions, Hladík was one of the few to record his performances using film material – which he provided to the National Film Archive for digitization last year.