Works from the field of visual art with dominant elements of moving image are an indelible component of the history of art. They represent a significant interdisciplinary connection between traditional art forms, cinematography, and the art of the electronic image. This field includes what is known as video art, computer art, intermedia and interdisciplinary works, and other audiovisual works created by artists outside the context of cinematography. These works are currently collected and stored by gallery institutions, which, however, lack the methodical procedures and technical infrastructure for long-term archiving and accessibility, despite the fact that these forms have been counted among the legitimate forms of artistic production since the 1970s.

The project The Audiovisual Work Outside the Context of Cinematography: Documentation, Archiving, and Accessibility (from here on out referred to as the Video Archive), which is led by the Národní filmový archiv, aims to create a long-term sustainable strategy for preserving and making accessible audiovisual works produced outside the cinematographic context. It works with the assumption of the digitisation and digital storage of works originally created in a broad spectrum of both analogue and digital, professional and amateur image formats that are difficult to reproduce today. The aim is to create an infrastructure, methodical procedures, and digital standards for long-term storage in quality that is as high as possible, as well as increasing accessibility including the use of online tools. The project assumes long-term collaboration between the Národní filmový archiv with visual art collections and the implementation of the methods developed within the project into their archival and exhibition activities.

The project will be realised between 2020 and 2023 on the basis of an interdisciplinary collaboration by the historical team and specialists in digital archiving whose aim is a critical evaluation of the elements of audiovisual work in the context of Czech visual art with outputs in the form of editions of original academic texts and online access to significant works.

Implementation team: Sylva Poláková, Michal Klodner, Markéta Jonášová, Lujza Kotočová, Jakub Jirka, Jan Trnka, Marie Barešová, Ladislav Cubr, Jonáš Svatoš, Josef Vítovec, Martin Mazanec, Lenka Střeláková, Tomáš Pospiszyl, Kateřina Svatoňová, Eva Krátká, Matěj Forejt, Matěj Strnad, Martin Blažíček. Translation: Ian Mikyska.