Image: Argumented Reality
© Alice Růžičková – Biostruktury, 1998

Argumented Reality

online exhibition

11 October – 24 October 2021
Online exhibition
Martin Búřil, Barbora Trnková and Tomáš Javůrek, Lenka Hámošová, Tomáš Kajánek, Oskar Helcel, David Přílučík, Martin Blažíček, Alice Růžičková, Martin Ježek
Curated by Lenka Střeláková

The exhibition follows the possibility and need, explored again in every era, of the media artwork to bear witness to itself through hypermedia and self-reflexive creative principles. Under the conditions of the post-media era, this critical, emancipatory potential of art turns away from a thematisation of media specificity towards the problem of mediation itself. The burden of proof is inverted with increasing regularity in relation to the digital image. Mediated reality becomes argumented reality.

The selected artworks focus on the creation of moving images using contemporary technology and software, wherein, on the background of a more or less epic adventure, they gradually approach the possibility of the argumentation of reality by synthetic media. Or rather by the image, whose indexical trace is more of a homeopathic memory covered by a long series of abstracted and generated data..