Image: First Wave
© Janka Vidová – O velikosti významu, 1994

First Wave

online exhibition

September 27 – October 10 2021
Online exhibition
Niké Papadopulosová, Ondřej Anděra, Jan Zajíček, Elen Řádová, Janka Vidová, Markéta Baňková, Marek Mařan, Naďa Slováková, Zdeněk Mezihorák, Filip Cenek
Curated by Tomáš Pospiszyl

The first generation of students who studied video art and related fields at Czech art universities had to try everything out for themselves. In the first wave, this concerned three schools. FAMU, where video was introduced by Radek Pilař, who bequeathed the studio to Petr Vrána, Lucie Svobodová, and Tomáš Kepka after his death, was closest in its output to classical audiovisual production. The film school was to operate within the confines of genres and students found they were most free when producing music videos. The studio at AVU was led by Michael Bielický. The relaxed atmosphere he cultivated in his studio led to the creation of highly original visual poetry, spatial and psychological relationship studies, and also the first art in the environment of the internet and making use of hypertext. Tomáš Ruller was at FaVU in Brno, where Keiko Sei was later also a pedagogue. Students here experimented with the available technology, testing its properties and discovering for themselves principles that had appeared in other forms in the history of experimental film or video.