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© Alžběta Bačíková – Tanec na ruinách muzea (2015)


The book The Czech Art of the Moving Image (2022) will focus on a critical assessment of the practice of the moving image in the Czech art world from the 1970s to the first decade of this century. Its central topic will be a critical analysis of the relevant levels of negotiation for an autonomous position for this field of practice. The individual original essays by authors representing the academic discourses of art history and film studies, as well as the archival and curatorial perspectives, will be composed into a unified document that will clarify and make the area accessible to current and future researchers.

Particular chapters will be devoted to the beginnings of video (Martin Mazanec), the role of video in art education (Tomáš Pospiszyl), curatorship (Markéta Jonášová), magazines (Eva Krátká), exhibiting (Matěj Forejt), competitions and festivals (Lenka Střeláková), variety of media (Martin Blažíček), performance documentation (Sylva Poláková), archiving (Matěj Strnad), internet art (Marie Meixnerová), and the relationship of video to the humanities (Kateřina Svatoňová).

The editors of the publication are Sylva Poláková and Martin Mazanec. The book will be published in both Czech and English.