The Non-Cinematic Audiovisual Works: Documentation, Archival and Access project is scheduled to take place from 2020 to 2023. Each of its three stages is designed to focus on a range of issues associated with the archival and presentation of the art of the moving image.

I. 2020

  • Development of infrastructure essential for working with historical image formats.
  • The workplace will be equipped with digitizers and studio players of historical tape formats capable of outputting data to high capacity files and archiving to LTO tapes.
  • A network cataloguing system connecting media files and their metadata descriptions based on open-source Archivematica and Atom2 systems.
  • Methodological procedures for collection activities, digitization and archival.

II. 2021

  • Historical research and initial artwork acquisitions.
  • On-line Czech video art exhibitions.
  • Publicly accessible online database with descriptions and samples of several dozen Czech video art works.

III. 2022

  • The Art of the Moving Image – a book publication devoted to a critical evaluation of the practice of the moving image in Czech art production from the 1970s to the present. The monograph will be published in both Czech and English.
  • Throughout the project period, the implementation team will continuously prepare additional curated programmes specifically designed for festivals, cinemas and galleries, as well as additional studies which will be continuously published in expert journals. For more information see the homepage.