Image: Database
© Radek Pilař, experimentální animace (60. léta)


A database of Czech art of the moving image containing a hundred selected works will be available to the public from November 2021. It will introduce works on the borders of cinematography, video art, and visual art, acquired – particularly in recent years – by the Národní filmový archiv.

Open database

Significant works from the 1970s to the present will be made available to researchers in the form of complex descriptions and research materials, as well as video samples and, in some cases, entire films.

The core of the database will be the AtoM open-source cataloguing system, aimed at an archival description of the collection, linked with the digital preservation system Archivematica. The database will thus focus on a description of existing digital collection items and will also serve as a platform for their long-term storage (it stores both descriptive data and the digitised works themselves). It is also designed as an open platform for future connections with other archival systems or for the direct use of records in the WWW network. To this aim, a new application is being developed to mediate communication between various cataloguing systems.

Our central aim is to make available significant works in the field of the moving image not only for future study by as broad a spectrum of researchers as possible but also for future screenings and exhibitions.

Production team:

  • Sylva Poláková (project leader)
  • Michal Klodner (methodology, archival descriptions)
  • Ladislav Cubr (archival descriptions)
  • Lujza Kotočová (catalogue, archival descriptions)
  • Jonáš Svatoš (software and hardware management)
  • Jakub Jirka (digitisation, ingest)
  • Josef Vítovec (software development)
  • Markéta Jonášová (acquisitions)
  • Martin Blažíček (acquisitions)