The project titled The Audiovisual Work Outside the Context of Cinema: Documentation, Archiving, and Access, which is led by the Národní filmový archiv, aims to create a long-term, sustainable strategy for the preservation and accessibility of art of the moving image. It works with the initial assumption of digitisation and the digital preservation of works that were originally created in a broad spectrum of both analogue and digital, professional and amateur image formats that are difficult to reproduce technically today.

The aim is to develop an infrastructure, a methodology, and a digital standard for long-term storage in high quality, and also an increase in accessibility, including online tools. The project assumes a long-term collaboration between the Národní filmový archiv and collecting institutions and the implementation of the methods and processes developed into their collecting and exhibiting activities.

The project is realised between 2020 and 2023 on the basis of interdisciplinary collaboration between a historical team and specialists in digital archiving.

Image: Project
Polednice (Niké Papadopulosová, 1999)